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Our state of the art studio is located close to the Manchester Arena within  The Yard Mcr. The Yard is a social enterprise with an ethos to assist fledgling businesses to achieve their goals.

The studio is a completely unique rehearsing/recording experience, providing artists with a combination of  professional recordings and songwriting development. 

We're a studio has a lot of equipment!  However, if you're a music tech and would like an extensive list, please feel free to contact us.



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Be apart of the community

Our aim is simple, to provide an affordable platform for musicians to record and rehearse their music.

Join our growing community of artists who are working together to increase their presence and growth of their music. 

By joining the Yard_ community you will gain access to additional benefits, including free rehearsal time, priority access to our shows and much more!

The Yard_ Playlist showcases up and coming artists who their support the Manchester Music scene. Our aim is to ensure that local artists are recognised for their commitment to their local music scene.


This is your studio, your community.

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give 2 get

This isn't a cliché!

Give 2 Get, quite simply is the more you give to the Boxyard community  the more you will get! So, if you know that friend/uncle/sister who can help the local music scene? - Let us know!

The studio encourages the support of your fellow artists and musicians, if you can provide time, support and commitment to the Boxyard Studios we will in turn this into real time for rehearsal; production advice; promotion; recording and much more!

Tell us what you can share here!


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